sunnuntai 23. syyskuuta 2012

Pictures of the mystery kurotomesode

Hallo! Today I got around on taking pictures of the kurotomesode I got in the mail last week. I got to study it closer now and noticed that the false layers on the collar and the hem had been removed rather forcibly, tearing the lining fabric and causing a tear on the neck of the kimono. These are luckily not visible to the front. The biggest mystery is the pattern on the right breast.

Sorry about the blurry images, some adjustment in the camera are missmatched...

I know I'm not wearing an obiage, this was just a quick fitting.



Small holes in the lining where the false layer has been taken rather roughly.

Collar seam has ripped open.
Sleeves still have their false layers.

The pattern that puzzles me.

Just look at the detailing on these cranes! I love them!

torstai 20. syyskuuta 2012

Curious new tomesode

No, I have not forgotten you, just the learning of names of bones and structure of bones and muscles and where they are places (+ where they start, where they go and what is their function) in finnish and latin has had my days filled. But now things are slowing down so I can catch up with my hobbies.

I purchased a new kurotomesode and after the purchase I realized that one image showed the pine pattern also on the left breast... what? I didn't know tomesode could have pattern there...? So I'm taking photos and asking around what is it exactly.

Here's a preview, I got the kimono today, but due to unexpected rush, didn't get to take pictures yet.

Image is from kyotokiyous auction!