sunnuntai 24. maaliskuuta 2013

The Great Market, Hometown love and hime.

Our town hold a few market days each year, autumn market, christmas market, the great market...etc. In my youth they were held at the market square, but that has not happened for a few years because they are building a shopping centre and parking lot below the market square. For a few years there was a three-story deep hole dug in the ground, but this spring they covered it up and soon they will be able to open it again. Before the digging, there was a shooting accident on the square, of which reminders (paint circles of where evidence was found) are still visible during summer..... A lot has happened in the  square over the years and you could say it's the heart of Kuopio.

Aerial view of the Market Place before the digging started. Image from
The hole they dug for the shopping centre and parking space.
On the left of the Market Square you can see the Market Hall that is open year around. It's the only clearly Art Nouveau inspired building on the centre and one of my favourite places in Kuopio. If you ever come here, that's the place to visit. The Market Square has been in function from the 1818.
There had been a parking space already under the square, but they are making it bigger as Kuopio has grown since it was first built.

Kuopio Hall.
For the last few years they've held the Grand Market in the Kuopio Hall. It's nicer in the way that weather cannot affect going. Kuopio Hall is usually used by sports teams for training and sports competitions.

Well, I think that's enough of hometown love for one go. What about the kitsuke? I was inspired by the Go Hime! -project and as I wanted to take part, I went for a little hime-ish design in terms of dressing.

It was so bright out there! It was impossible to get good photos with my face towards the sun. Sorry about that...

It's the return of the green-grey stripe komon! Matched with silver nagoya and bright green accessories to celebrate the (slowly) coming spring! During easter it's traditional to have something bright green and yellow in your homes, so I added the bright green into my kitsuke. I would have wanted to get the Tavistock boots from American Duchess for this photoshoot, but what can you do?

I'm also wearing the shawl I knitted my self a few years back. It's silver grey with sparklies! Goes nicely with the obi. The had is made from the leftovers from the shawl. The hat has a golden ribbon that matches to the gold on the obijime and the obidome. I also wish I had had either a light yellow or green obiage... I think the white doesn't go very well with the rest of the kitsuke... I have teal ribbon on my hair.

Without the shawl and the hat. Being photobombed by our newest family member Veetu. You can see the Lucrezia cosplay behind me.
Yorkshire terrier obidome. Well actually it's a pin.
Bright green collar.

First time wearing one of these... It kept slipping all the time, but it felt nice and warm against my neck. And I kinda like it with this kimono.

And what was our haul? What you really go there to get is market liquorice or metre liquorice and pretzels. The liquorice is not actually metre long, only 0.5. We usually get the 12 pieces for 10e on liquorice with different tastes. This year we went for the bigger pretzel. The pretzel is more like a big bun shaped in the form of a prezel. It's very soft and sweet.
Bag full of liquorice.
The pretzel.
And just end this long post with cuteness: Here's our two kitties enjoying the sunny day.


As you can see our big boy can be hand fed, but this trick does not work on Kiki. She takes only by stealing it off your plate or from the couch. Here you can see the size difference between the two. Veetu is younger and a male so Kiki (the smaller one) is the Boss.

torstai 21. maaliskuuta 2013

Adjusting zori thongs

Boo on me for not blogging more.

My black zori for the Loki kitsuke arrived and they had the deal, that with most unused zoris have, that the thongs were too tight for my feet. Luckily I remembered a thread from IG where Kokoro showed how the job is done.

Here you can see the zori and how tight that strap that goes between your toes is. ouch.

 This is where the adjusting starts. First loosen that small metal hook with tools. I used a flat headed screwdriver. White adjusting, keep in mind that those hook end are mighty sharp. They really are.

 Here's what you see inside. By loosening this know and pulling from the straps you get extra lenght. My zori straps where coated with wax, so loosening was a series tugging and pulling and using the screwdriver as a crowbar to loosen the knot. After you have adjusted them to your fit and checked that the knot stays nicely on it's place, push the hook back to it's original place. Mine went nicely into the holes without hammering.

And here's a picture of the loosened zori. If you look carefully, you can see just how much I had to loosen these for the comfy fit.

torstai 14. maaliskuuta 2013

While waiting for the mail...

.... to bring me my faux leather for the Loki kitsuke, here's a doodling:

I've gotten half a mind to draw the rest of the Avengers as well. ^^

Loki kitsuke plan

lauantai 9. maaliskuuta 2013

Kimono Saturday

I finally found time to do kitsuke... And it's already March! Ugh, so much for my kitsuke a week new year's promise -.-''.

Well, as the kimono of the say I chose the green-grey komon I got from Choutama on Etsy. It's lovely and I wanted to wear it for today. I also wore the new reversible tsuke obi I made from scrap fabric I had laying around.

Front shot.

Back shot.

The obi shot.

The downward shot.
Black, beige and red side of the obi.
White, pink and black side of the obi.
Hopefully the next opportunity to wear kimono comes a lot faster than this one...

Have a nice weekend everyone!