tiistai 17. huhtikuuta 2012

Scans as promised!

I took time to scan a few images from two kimono books and two washi paper doll books yesterday evening. I won't be posting all the images here, but I will link you to the Flickr sets. Please go see the images there.

Casual Kimono Life by Tsuchiya Mayumi
Featuring the stunning Tsuchiya Anna from Kamikaze Girls and Sakuran.
Published 2007.

Kimono Style Book #1 by Wani Mook 66 
 I might scan more images from this book later on.
Publised 2003.

Chigami ningyou wo tsukuru by Itou Eiko
Absolutely stunning paper made doll statues. I bow to the skills of the makers!
Published 2002

Shimatsuke hitogata
Not many images in this set. The book is mostly instruction on making the actual dolls.
Published 1973.

ISBN to all but the last book are to be found in flickr.

maanantai 16. huhtikuuta 2012

To Cheer a Friend

The topic this time consist of a paper doll I made for a friend. I thought about making her something this morning to cheer her and halfway through she called and told how rotten her day had been because of an email. So these are the images of the doll I made to cheer her up. In the photos I see  few things I should have corrected, but I still like it.

The Purple Fairy
 Her belt looks darker than it is in real life. It's dark purple. The Shepherd's Staff was chosen because my friend is studying to become a priest.


keskiviikko 11. huhtikuuta 2012

An Update

I'm terribly sorry that I have not updated for a while. I got struck by a personal catastrophe with my studies. Due to circumstances unavoidable, I flunked my thesis which prevents me of graduation. Which also means that after 5 years of school, I flunked on the final stretch. I've been rather demoralized to do anything significant.

My mood was cured a little this morning when I got a nice surprise. I ordered a kimono book from a seller I had ordered the Kimono Style Book 2 and it arrived today. My boyfriend always complaines that I get so many packages and he only gets bills in the mail, so I let him open the package. Here's what happened:

V: Honey, I thought you said you only ordered one book.
Me: I did, I could only afford one.
V: But there's two books in the package.
Me: Let me see that.

And sure enough, the seller had send me a gift: Kimono Style Book 1 by Wani Mook 66. I was complitely happy, I have never received gifts from sellers. Scans will be provided in a short while.

Also the washi paper doll books arrived last week. They took their time and I was worried that they might not arrive at all, but when I got the package the reason was clear: They had been missent to Singapore at first. But now all my packages (excluding one obi) are home safely. I remember promising scans from these books too.

I hope the start of my next post will be cheerier than this one was.

Until next time!
Sincerily yours,