sunnuntai 26. toukokuuta 2013

Wave odori with yellow accessories

I'm sloooowly turning to the wave odori for the graduation kitsuke. But I wanted different accessories than the white obiage and white/blue obijime. A trip to the local fabric store provided me with a yellow/orange cotton fabric for obiage and dark reddish gold "obijime".

Now I'm only pondering, wether to leave the juban collar white, or make it blue...

torstai 23. toukokuuta 2013

Kitsuke testing on Dolly

Hiya! Remember me?
Well, I'm a week away from possible graduation so I tried different combinations on what to wear.
Dolly graciously let me use her for this purpose... I don't know which one I'll actually be wearing, but it was fun to do this.

First up is the beautiful olive green, flowery kimono I purchased from the awesome Lyuba of StrawberryKimono. I wanted something pretty and flowery, without thinking much of the formality. I matched the kimono with my trusty silver nagoya obi. I only wished I would have more suitable accessories.....

The next is an odori kimono I got from Shinei's final eBay sales. It's a little small for me, as you can see I hardly got any ohashori done. Paired with vividly purple nagoya obi, it created a fully purple combo.

This one I got nearly two years ago, but never got around to wear it. Yet. I just felt I have not had an occasion to wear it. I used blues and watery themes as we are planning on going for a boat ride after we get our papers, but I'm also a little dubious on wether or not to use this as we are also planning on going to a restaurant. It's the white color that's making me edgy, I would not like to drop anything on it.

As a ro-houmongi, this one is the lightweight of the lot. I've worn it once before, last summer, so it might be time to take it out again. Paired with orange it's a rather nice, warm combo. There is a pattern on the waist part of the obi, but I tied it so that the pattern accidently is places under the left sleeve. D'oh!

And finally, the magical pain in the butt -kimono. Since some of the flowers are golden, I felt it might be festive enough to wear. And because it will soon be too hot to wear this until autumn comes. I kinda like the way it works with the "Cursed Vase" nagoya obi and the green accessories. I really don't know why I hung the Eye of Sauron necklace to the obi. I just felt like it....

keskiviikko 1. toukokuuta 2013

Testing the May Day kitsuke, updated!

It's Vappu (May Day) here today, so before going out I tried the outfit I was planning on Dolly.

It's the purple checkered tsumugi paired with bright blue lupine patterned obi. I found a strip of bright blue fabric which I stiched onto the juban collar.

I'm not 100% of the hand crocheted "haori", but it's rather windy today, so I better wear something over the kimono.

So, it took me time to get atleast one photo of the kitsuke on me. I'm sorry about the exhausted look o my face and messy hair as I had just trudged, like a little trooper, 10km on foot, in kimono, to get to work today.

What I learned? I need better shoes (my feet are aching), a closing mechanism to the vest (it kept slipping) and softer material for the haneri (it kept scratching my neck). And if I do all this, I could atleast try to get a decent photo.... phooee...