keskiviikko 20. helmikuuta 2013

Kitsuke spamming...

I have been sick for three days now, but today I felt a little better. So, that means it's time to show all the new goodies that have come in. It was also sunny so the image quality is better in this dark little cave we call home^^. I'm sorry about the terrible mess you see on the background, I've been very weak for the last few days and sleeping on the couch (I didn't want to get my fiancé sick as he has work), so I haven't been able to clean...
Starting point. Everything nicely in a pile.

Just fooling around with the obi.

 I got this kimono a while ago, but realized that I haven't shown you any pictures of it.

Pidgeon breasted anyone? ;)
 I wasn't sure of this next one wether or not I liked it. It's rather prickly fabric, but once I got it on I decided to like it as it fits so nicely! A friend of mine said it looks very summery as the color is faded like it had been left in the sun for too long. I'm not sure if the bright blue obi matched the kimono, but hey, I was just throwing things on...

Sunbathing kitty^^
 I was feeling rather unwell at this point so no obi... Sorry about that...
Olive green kimono I bought from Lyuba. It's so lightweigt! I had a hard time putting it on because I've used to wear kimonos that weight more than this... But it was fun!
Photobombing kitty....
 At this point I was rather knackered so I didn't even try to put this on properly. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it on sale on etsy.
 The last one is the emerald green iromuji I'm going to use in the Loki kitsuke. I actually started the day with this, but blogger threw it last.. oh well.  That's not the obi that's going to be on the actual kitsuke, I just threw on a black scarf to see how it looked. The kimono is a little darker that the image shows, the material has a shiny quality and photographs lighter that it is.
The inevitable aftermath of kitsuke...
And now I'll go back to the sofa and watch a movie.
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lauantai 16. helmikuuta 2013

Loki themed kitsuke plan

I'm confessing myself as a Loki fan. Or I could say I'm a Hiddlestoner x'D.

Sorry about the crappy coloring

I have an emerald green iromuji, but the obi and the haori I have to make. I plan to make the obi from leather strips so it resembles the costume Tom Hiddleston wears in the Avengers. The haori will have a zipperlike edging as was in the coat of Loki.

I'm still pondering wether or not to leave the juban color white and what kind of shoes would be the best.

The points in the picture that I have marked "gold" are in futher investigation of the costume more copper/bronze in color.

One more thing to the Making Off list!

What do you think?

Captain America kitsuke doodling