maanantai 8. lokakuuta 2012

New arrivals!

First of all, I am deeply sorry that I have not updated about the kimono patterning facts, I have been working very long days and our weekends have been booked solid, but in a few weeks I will be having an autumn break and then I have time to catch up on everything.

But here's my new babies on their way home!
Black chrysanthemum jinken kimono.
Brown lattice jinken kimono.
Purple-white checkered tsumugi kimono.
I only had 1 komon kimono before these three, so now I have more everyday wear. Too bad I have to wait for a week before I can wear these pretties. During work days it's impossible for me to wear a kimono. But only a week and then it's kimono time! Wait for the pictures!

Images from:
1.&2. kimonopetitjapon's eBay auction
3. japanese.antiques eBay auction

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  1. That purple-white checkered kimono is my fav of those three. Hope you get them soon!