lauantai 16. helmikuuta 2013

Loki themed kitsuke plan

I'm confessing myself as a Loki fan. Or I could say I'm a Hiddlestoner x'D.

Sorry about the crappy coloring

I have an emerald green iromuji, but the obi and the haori I have to make. I plan to make the obi from leather strips so it resembles the costume Tom Hiddleston wears in the Avengers. The haori will have a zipperlike edging as was in the coat of Loki.

I'm still pondering wether or not to leave the juban color white and what kind of shoes would be the best.

The points in the picture that I have marked "gold" are in futher investigation of the costume more copper/bronze in color.

One more thing to the Making Off list!

What do you think?

Captain America kitsuke doodling

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