torstai 21. maaliskuuta 2013

Adjusting zori thongs

Boo on me for not blogging more.

My black zori for the Loki kitsuke arrived and they had the deal, that with most unused zoris have, that the thongs were too tight for my feet. Luckily I remembered a thread from IG where Kokoro showed how the job is done.

Here you can see the zori and how tight that strap that goes between your toes is. ouch.

 This is where the adjusting starts. First loosen that small metal hook with tools. I used a flat headed screwdriver. White adjusting, keep in mind that those hook end are mighty sharp. They really are.

 Here's what you see inside. By loosening this know and pulling from the straps you get extra lenght. My zori straps where coated with wax, so loosening was a series tugging and pulling and using the screwdriver as a crowbar to loosen the knot. After you have adjusted them to your fit and checked that the knot stays nicely on it's place, push the hook back to it's original place. Mine went nicely into the holes without hammering.

And here's a picture of the loosened zori. If you look carefully, you can see just how much I had to loosen these for the comfy fit.

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