keskiviikko 11. huhtikuuta 2012

An Update

I'm terribly sorry that I have not updated for a while. I got struck by a personal catastrophe with my studies. Due to circumstances unavoidable, I flunked my thesis which prevents me of graduation. Which also means that after 5 years of school, I flunked on the final stretch. I've been rather demoralized to do anything significant.

My mood was cured a little this morning when I got a nice surprise. I ordered a kimono book from a seller I had ordered the Kimono Style Book 2 and it arrived today. My boyfriend always complaines that I get so many packages and he only gets bills in the mail, so I let him open the package. Here's what happened:

V: Honey, I thought you said you only ordered one book.
Me: I did, I could only afford one.
V: But there's two books in the package.
Me: Let me see that.

And sure enough, the seller had send me a gift: Kimono Style Book 1 by Wani Mook 66. I was complitely happy, I have never received gifts from sellers. Scans will be provided in a short while.

Also the washi paper doll books arrived last week. They took their time and I was worried that they might not arrive at all, but when I got the package the reason was clear: They had been missent to Singapore at first. But now all my packages (excluding one obi) are home safely. I remember promising scans from these books too.

I hope the start of my next post will be cheerier than this one was.

Until next time!
Sincerily yours,

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