keskiviikko 6. kesäkuuta 2012

Kimono Style Book #3

And as always, I did not scan the whole book, just selected bits and pieces. Unlike the first two books, this one had DUDES, in kimono.

OK, enough with the yammering, onto the scans.
Most can be found in my Flickr Photostream.

Cover image.
Lovely black an red kimono.
Beautiful thin striped kimono.
All the books have furisode beauty.
Styles for one kimono for a week.
Manly styles.
Hakama style.
Lovely tartan patterned yukata.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Nice scans! My favourite is the cover image (with uroko motif). But the tartan kimono also versatile we could add some accessories and the formality can be increased into komon, I guess.

    Speaking of which, how did you scan your magazines and books? I meant, did you detach the binding first? I have some kimono magazines and books but I don't feel and dare to open the binding first since it will destroy the books :(, but without detach it, how would you keep the paper still in flat? I haven't successfully scanned a decent picture.

    1. I use my scanner HP Deskjet. The glass is rather close to the edge of the scanner and only crops about 1cm of the side of the image. Which means that I do not have to open the book so that the binding breakes, but still gives the flat impression.^^