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What is a tomesode-houmongi?

Remember the mystery kurotomesode I bought for cheap? This one:
It had pine patterning also on the left breast as well as the hem of the kimono. After asking (and forgetting the whole damn thread) in IG, I got some idea what this might be and what formality it is.

Image provided by Muhvi.
In formality such a kimono sits right behind tomesode, before houmongi, as it's a hybrid of these two. Kokoro from IG found out that: "Lately at theaters and parties where the guests will sit in chairs both black and colored tomesode are worn with designs at the shoulders and sleeves as well as at the skirt."

Kimono owned by Moonblossom.
 As when you are sitting down at a table, a theatre box etc. the hem patterning does not show, but giving the hints on shoulders and sleeves that there is a pattern on the kimono makes it festive rather than mistaking is for mourning wear (if obi is not visible).

Image provided by Muhvi.

The quote Kokoro provided is from 1979 so this kind of hybrid is rather new installation.

Image provided by Muhvi.

Also the kurotomesode is considered "mother-of-a-bride" so having splashes of pattern on the breast might be considered more youthful and less formal, while still being on the highest levels of formality. Moonblossom asked Yuka from Ichiroya about this kind of kimono and she said that this kind of kimono can be worn to very formal occasions by unmarried women.

These kimono are not always silk. Atleat the one I own feels like it's synthetic.

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