keskiviikko 1. toukokuuta 2013

Testing the May Day kitsuke, updated!

It's Vappu (May Day) here today, so before going out I tried the outfit I was planning on Dolly.

It's the purple checkered tsumugi paired with bright blue lupine patterned obi. I found a strip of bright blue fabric which I stiched onto the juban collar.

I'm not 100% of the hand crocheted "haori", but it's rather windy today, so I better wear something over the kimono.

So, it took me time to get atleast one photo of the kitsuke on me. I'm sorry about the exhausted look o my face and messy hair as I had just trudged, like a little trooper, 10km on foot, in kimono, to get to work today.

What I learned? I need better shoes (my feet are aching), a closing mechanism to the vest (it kept slipping) and softer material for the haneri (it kept scratching my neck). And if I do all this, I could atleast try to get a decent photo.... phooee...

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