torstai 23. toukokuuta 2013

Kitsuke testing on Dolly

Hiya! Remember me?
Well, I'm a week away from possible graduation so I tried different combinations on what to wear.
Dolly graciously let me use her for this purpose... I don't know which one I'll actually be wearing, but it was fun to do this.

First up is the beautiful olive green, flowery kimono I purchased from the awesome Lyuba of StrawberryKimono. I wanted something pretty and flowery, without thinking much of the formality. I matched the kimono with my trusty silver nagoya obi. I only wished I would have more suitable accessories.....

The next is an odori kimono I got from Shinei's final eBay sales. It's a little small for me, as you can see I hardly got any ohashori done. Paired with vividly purple nagoya obi, it created a fully purple combo.

This one I got nearly two years ago, but never got around to wear it. Yet. I just felt I have not had an occasion to wear it. I used blues and watery themes as we are planning on going for a boat ride after we get our papers, but I'm also a little dubious on wether or not to use this as we are also planning on going to a restaurant. It's the white color that's making me edgy, I would not like to drop anything on it.

As a ro-houmongi, this one is the lightweight of the lot. I've worn it once before, last summer, so it might be time to take it out again. Paired with orange it's a rather nice, warm combo. There is a pattern on the waist part of the obi, but I tied it so that the pattern accidently is places under the left sleeve. D'oh!

And finally, the magical pain in the butt -kimono. Since some of the flowers are golden, I felt it might be festive enough to wear. And because it will soon be too hot to wear this until autumn comes. I kinda like the way it works with the "Cursed Vase" nagoya obi and the green accessories. I really don't know why I hung the Eye of Sauron necklace to the obi. I just felt like it....

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