perjantai 16. maaliskuuta 2012

Yuki Onna Paper Doll

I decided to do some handcrafts one day. I've been doing dolls from paper for some time now as I feel paper is the easiest thing for me to work. This time I used hot glue instead of ordinary glue and did the hair from strips of paper.
Here's the doll when she was 50% done. This shows the basic structure I use. I make the hands differently most of the time, this time I tried felting wool. And yes, those are toilet paper rolls you are seeing there. I've always wondered if I could use them in some other way that as a help to light a fire in the fireplace. After different tries of making bases for my dolls, I tried the toilet paper rolls. They work wonders and are fairly easily obtainable. I'm still doing tests on how to use them better, but for a doll standing up, they work for me.

And here's the final result. The paper used it crêpe paper. Now I think I could have done the hems of the kimono a little better, maybe add a layer. I need to find out how to make legs stable enough to keep the doll up. I think this doll might look better if she had feet peeking out from under her kimono.

The hair was fun to make. While I was doing it my boyfriend asked why I was making a kimono lady with a rasta heirdo. I have to admit, it looks a little like that.

Here's a close-up of the face. I was thinking about making a face for her, but decided othervice. I chose black for the underkimono because under the snow, everything is dead and waiting for the spring to come. I don't know why I added the white strips of hair, I just felt like they belonged there. This is something very natural for me when I'm making something, sometimes it just feels natural to add something in there without much deeper analytical thoughts.

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