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Kimono Challenge pt.1

Many have been doing this kimono challenge on their blogs, so I just might jump into the bandwagon finally. Original challenge was made by Kira Kira Kimono.

1. How did I hear about kimonos& first kitsuke toughts and stuff
2. My dearest kimono item(s)
3. My most used kimono item(s) (not counting jubans, datejimes etc.)
4. My least used kimono item(s)
5. My favourite coordination(s) so far
6. What things I like and what not in kimonos(&why)
7. Kimono confessions. Did you know that...
8. The massive want-to-buy-list(or in this situation what-I-would-like-to-buy-but-don't-have-enought-money-or-any-occassion-to-wear-it-list)
9. My biggest fears&wishes what comes to kimonos
10. My biggest inspirations in kimonos
11. My kimono collection
12. The evolution of my kitsuke

1. How did I hear about kimonos & first kitsuke thoughts and stuff

It must have been somewhere near 2006-2007 when I was first introduced to the world of kimono.  No, wait, it was in 2005 when the Memoirs of a Geisha came into the theatres. I was transfixed by the beauty of those garments even if the movie did not strike me. A year later I found Norio Yamanaka's the Book of Kimono from our local library and was transfixed. During the same year I stubled into the wonderful world of ImmortalGeisha and the IG forums.

So you could say my fascination to kimono started with the geisha. I wanted to know more of those beautiful ladies and the kimono they wear. You could still say that the sight of a trailing kimono sets my heart into a flutter.

My first kimono was handmade by me, practicly without any insctructions or know-how on kimono measurements. I don't have any photographic evidence on that time, but I do have some from my second time in kimono. And in public. Now I feel so shamed to see that I let myself go out looking like that.... (both outfits were made by me. That Kenshin outfit still is one of the best made costumes I've done. It seems that making clothes for this man always turn out looking good no matter how I bungle them.....)
First time in kimono.
Second time in kimono with hakama. Just because I did not own an obi.
My artwork project "hikizuri".
I bought my first actual yukata kimono in 2009, which started my kimono bying hiatus. If someone had told me that 4 years later I would be holding a closet full of silk kimono and obi and still thinking that I still don't have enought, I probably would not have believed. Or thought that my moneys would actually GET me a closet full of kimono.... I would also have not thought that I would even give a lecture on the subject, but I have, thrice! On both kimono and geisha! Even if one was reviewed by an anime magazine as "filling the space in the program"-lecture. I only did 6 months of gathering information and double checking everything (I had enough material for a 10h lecture which I squeezed into 4h). I still bristle everytime I think about it. I did give that 10h lecture before I squeezed it into the 4h timelimit.

But well, all that's in the past and now is the time to do the bi-annual kimono closet cleaning! Since I have them all stored in the same closet (and in one pile) I arrange them twice a year so that during the winter the thicker, lined kimonos are on the top, and during summer tha lighter, unlined kimonos get the place on top so I can easilly get them out of the closet. The obis are on top the whole year around.

When was the last time you rolled in your pile of kimonos? ;)
Kiki showing me the correct way of enjoying the lining of a kimono.

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