tiistai 1. toukokuuta 2012

May Day kitsuke

Despite today being May Day it was also the 10th year anniversary of the Immortal Geisha. I had been invited to a friend's place for a brunch, so I decided to dress in kimono. The obi could have been a more vivid color, but as with all my new things, I wanted to wear something new.

The photos are taken after I got home so everything is starting to fall appart.

It's one of my new white-purple odorikimono. When I got it I thought the white looked awfully yellowed, but after taking a rain check and looking at it in bright sunlight, the yellow turned into a cream color.

The nagoya is my new "Cursed Vase" obi. It does give off that certain evil aura, doesn't it?

The image on the obi slipped a little high white tying.
 I got violets to my balcony yesterday and as per my color fancy, they are purple. Still rather small, but I expect them to grow soon in the spring sunshine. <3 I have other flowers also, but they have not yet bloomed.
Also Kiki the kimono cat got a new favourite box. Ville got a new pair of sneakers and of course the box was instantly claimed by Kiki as her own sleeping/playing place.

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