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Something out of the ordinary...

Well, my interest in kimono is only rivaled by my interest in western fashion history (those of you who have checked my "blog" list probably guessed this much). Anyway, AmericanDuchess has just put up a new shoe design, The Pompadour. Name probably gives the design away and yes they are the French Court shoes of the early 18th century.

The Pompadours come in two colors.

She needs atleast 100 orders for these pretties to go into production. Right now she's having a pre-order sale, so if you want 'em, now's the time to get 'em!

 The shoes come in two basic colors, but the white ones are dyeble. So, if you want them in any other color, you can get the white pair and dye it to your own liking.

Here's the particulars of both shoes:
  • Pomps come in dyeable ivory or black jacquard, with a matching leather-covered heel.
  • They close with tabs, with a ribbon - we've provided one with your new shoes, but lace any color, width, or design ribbon through, to change up the look whenever you like.
  • The heel is 2.5 inches, and properly flared - you won't be sinking into grass in these.
  • The toe is very pointy, just right for the late 17th and early 18th centuries.
  • The pre-order price is $115, and the regular price is $135
  • Get them on sale May 14th - June 1st.
  • We need to sell about 100 pairs to make the production run, so if you need these shoes in your life, please share the news with your costume buds.  If we don't meet the minimum, all orders will be refunded in full, and the Pompadours will not be made.
  • Estimated delivery is early August 2012 - we've implemented a whole mess of systems and measures to improve our speed of manufacture as well as quality, but if we have a delay, I'll let you know right away.
 She also has other shoes to your liking, the Kengsintons (1770-1780):
Ivory Kengsintons are in pre-order, red and black are foundable in the store.

 The Georgiana (silk) and the Devonshire (dyable leather) are in clearance sale:
The Georgiana and the Devonshire.
No, I did not make a mistake linking those images. The Kengsintons are the "upgraded" version of the Georgiana and Devonshire. The Kengsingtons are dyable calf leather with pointed toe, as the Georgiana are silk and the Devonshire dyable leather with a more rounded toe.

Also the Astorias (Edwardian period) have arrived! Both black and white are still in stock.
The Astoria.
If you love the Regency period, she also has the Pemberly:
The Pemberly.
I'm in love with the Pompadour and the Pemberly, I wonder what sort of kitsuke would go with these shoes... I would not mind trying to cross match different cultures and histories because I love them both so much!

Hey, wait a minute! Has this post something to do with the GIVE-AWAY?!

You caught me there... Anyway, here's the link to the shoe shop: The American Duchess Shoe Shop

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