perjantai 28. helmikuuta 2014

American Duchess now has Regency boots!

Ok, regency is probably one of my favourite time periods in western fashion. And now there's regency boots from the glorious American Duchess! Yay!

They are right now in pre-order, but will soon be stocked up.

Nankeen boots were an early 19th century fabric walking boots with adjustable lacing closure. Just like boots of old, our Nankeens have soft toes (no toe caps), leather soles, stitched eyelets, and bound edges.
The name "Nankeen" comes from the variety of cotton used to make these boots, originally a pale buff-colored cloth manufactured in Nanjing, China. Shortly after its rise in popularity, Nankeen cloth was "knocked off" in Europe, and made of just ordinary cotton dyed to the characteristic khaki color. Ironically, our modern Nankeen cloth is, in fact, made in China, which is entirely historically accurate!

They are also period accurate. Don't believe me? Check her resource material.

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