maanantai 3. helmikuuta 2014

So what was in my Yamatoku Bundle of Doom

Blue green haori with kiku embroidery. Very nice and has a pretty animal patterned lining. 

 Next one is an unmade obi. The base is navy blue, which is not shown properly in the image.

 This nagoya is very small. I mean, really small! I'm not sure if I can wear this properly because of the lenght. Also the pattern runs a bit funny, so I'm in the belief that this has been a kimono once and has been remade into an obi.

Grey patterned obi. Might be a fukuro. I still need to measure it.
 Red and black komon. Quite small, needs adjusting for comfortable wear, but for hime style it's working.

Men's juban with tiger and dragon pattern. I offered this to fiancé but he said he was not impressed with the pattern. If this was women's, I'd wear it to bits.
 Pink komon. Has a shiny quality to it. Fit is ok.

 Girl's furisode. I'm guessing age 13 as it's quite long and does not have tucks. Has stains, but othervice in wearable condition.

 Another komon. I was not impressed with this one, might put it up for trade.

 This lightweight summer komon was hiding under another kimono and I fell head over heels for it. Rather short, but I'm in love.

A very busy patterned komon. It was not easy to look at this as I have a headache. Quite new as it has modern clothing tag attached. Which is funny as the kimono in itself is very short. I might have to take a peak into the lining to see if there's fabric to add more lenght.

So that was my 10 haul. I'm quite happy with my catch... Now to find time for wearing....

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  1. That blue summer komon is really nice!

    1. It is! I can't tell you how much I love it! It's next on my to do list to make bigger so the sleeves fit comfortably. <3

  2. hi! so I was looking up kimono bundles to buy & (you know, browsing around google & such) & your blog popped up. I had already ordered a haori bundle from Yamatoku, & so I was REALLY excited to see the pics on your blog of what the bundle might just contain. Because, yes, sadly, I am still waiting for my bundle to arrive. Anyway, I just love your blog, so fun! And I wanted to thank you for putting up the pics ~ as you know, it's a complete crap-shoot as to what you may get in the bundles, so I am just hoping for some fun stuff to be in mine. Anyway, I love that you wear the kimono ~ I actually got into purchasing kimono because I have a somewhat serious addiction the Japanese craft books. Right now I am making kinchaku bags, chirimen, & tsurushi, & I wanted to use authentic kimono silks for them. Of course, I will have a lot of left-over fabrics, so then, hmm ~ what to do, what to I will probably make little kid clothes for my grandkids with them. Anyway, thanks again for posting the pics of the bindles, it makes waiting for my own to arrive a little easier! :-D

    1. Hi! I, also, have formed some sort of addiction to japanese sewing/craft books. They are so well pictured that you don't need to know any japanese to follow the instructions. Although there have been moments when I had to puzzle through a few phases, but on the whole it's been a fun ride. JapanLovelyCrafts on Etsy has a wide selection of sewing/craft books, very good service and amazingly fast shipping.

      I'm glad you have found my blog lovable. I should update more, but right now I don't have that much freetime to spend in kimono, but because easter holidays are here I have a 4 day weekend ahead of me. I must go through my kimono closet, since I have so much that I haven't worn yet! *happy thoughts*