sunnuntai 2. helmikuuta 2014

Yamatoku 20 Bundle of Doom

I was supposed to get my 10 pack on Friday, but the delivery man tried to deliver it to the wrong door and since my neighbour was not home, it was claimed "recipient not home" and was shipped back to Tampere. I should get that tomorrow.

In the meantime, I realized that I have not updated my 20 pack haul in here. Boo for me. I got to keep 15 as I sent 6 (yup, there was 21 items in my pack) to a fellow IGer, Miravisu.

A bingata haori that fits nicely! I've been waiting to get myself a good haori and now I have it!

Black'n'white hitoe komon. It has patterns of sake bottles, so this will be my choise for Midsummer Festival. (Even though I'm a teatotaller).

This wine red komon has a color fade on the front hem, but it's not too noticable. Fit is a bit too small.
My breath was knocked off when I pulled this houmongi out of the pile. It's stunning and breathtaking and I didn't notice flaws (I might have to look again). It's lovely pearl/dove grey with gold and silver embroidery on both shoulders and hem.

Grandma's couch from the 70's. It's an orange based hitoe komon that still oddly pleases my eyes for some reason... I just have no idea what I should pair with it... I keep seeing green obi, but I'm not sure...

This kimono was surprisingly heavy, but then I realized that the entire hem was covered with gold thread embroidery. It has a very Marimekko like feel to it. It's a houmongi.

Possible taisho era komon with vermillion lining. The image does not do justice to the fact that that lining is RED. I mean the true, raw, passionate RED.

Peach colored komon. I wasn't sure at first if this was a houmongi or komon, but it has more "komon" qualities than houmongi, so I'm going to go with a more festive komon.

Pink, blue and brown with white accents komon that I believe has belonged to a younger girl, maybe age 15. It's lenght is ok, but it's really tiny widht wise. Also the colors feel more younger girl to me.

Flowery hitoe komon. Fit is ok. This didn't strike me, but I still like it.

Another possibly taisho era komon. There are spots on this one, but not too bad. Fit is too small. Has vermillion lining in the sleeves, so part of the lining might have been changed at some point.

Apricot colored flowery komon.  I like it. It's  fancy, it fits. I just love this share of orange.

An embroidered fukuro obi. I still need to measure and inspect this more carefully wether to claim this fukuro or bridal maru. On the first look it looks more fukuro.

Another haori! This one is lined and needs adjusting before it fits nicely, but I love it.

I'll update images of the 10 pack haul later this week. Hopefully tomorrow the delivery man finds the correct door.

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