maanantai 13. helmikuuta 2012

Blue Day

Today I resumed back to wearing a kimono for a full day. Today was also a day when I decided it was time to resume to my thesis project. After all that happened during last week, I really was not in a mood to start on friday when I was supposed to do it. To tell you the truth, I have been rather down for the few days.

To match my mood, I decided to wear blue. Todays trouble was that the yukata was bigger in widht than the kimono. After suffling and huffing I finally got it to stay in place. And I really need a light blue obiage/obijime.

From the back. This white obi is cotton with satin weave and is handmade by me. I purchased a sabloon from a local handcrafts store and printed the image to the obi.

The peek-a-boo yukata.

Because we will be facing financial problems in the upcoming months, I've planned that I'll be selling some bead jewelry on Etsy. I also have 2-3 kimonos that I've bought in bad shape, too small etc. and in need of luv, but the truth is, I cannot give them the luv they need. So, I probably part with them. I will make a separate post on this matter later this week, so keep tuned if you are interested.

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