maanantai 6. helmikuuta 2012

New starts

This day came to me with two starts. One was the beginning of this blog and the second was the decision to start my experiment to spend the next few weeks in kimono. I have been planning this for a while and now the temperature outside has gone down to more suitable degrees. For the past weeks we have had nice -30C which is too cold for me to go out no matter what I wear, but now it's warmer so I can start.

I wore my christmas gift from my boyfriend. Normally I would have paired this kimono with a nice Nagoya obi, but I needed an obi that I was comfortable in for the whole day and not be afraid of getting it stained. I was scared enough about the kimono. I need to get more casual wear into my collection.

This pictures are taken after I had been in kimono for 6h already so things are starting to get loose. I'm also using a koshihimo to keep the sleeves up. I didn't want to get salad on them and I like to keep my sleeves up when in home because othervice I get stuck everywhere, mostly doorknobs. I have to say that the musubi looks rather good, even thou I made it in a hurry.
Peek-a-boo of the yukata I'm wearing as an extra layer to keep of the cold. I could have taken it off when I came home after the grocery shopping trip, but I decided that the appartment needed a good airing.

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