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Day 3: Brown Houmongi & recruitment fair

Day three brought the annual job recruitment fair on our local Music Centre. Because of this I managed to make an otaiko even when my shoulder was highly againt it. The Music Centre was so full of people it was hard to move anywhere, so we just went to the places we wanted, left our applications and walked to another spot. .

Because my kimono collection is rather small, I cannot play with the rules of seasoning my clothes. Today's choise of wear was because of the fair. I wanted to look a little better so I wore my light brown houmongi, the pattern was about the color of terracotta so that's why the orange nagoya obi. I would have wanted dark brown accessories, but I didn't have any.. The layering kimono's base color is ivory, so it's a little paler that the top kimono.

Here's the ensemble on the back. I took longer than normal to tie that otaiko. My shoulder is still bad and I had to take breaks while dressing to let the blood circulate as my hand became numb very fast. Since I needed a presentable outfit, I chose to tie it back. I'm very bad at tying on the front and most of the time the musubi falls appart as soon as I try turning.. I need practise on that.

Peek at the layering kimono. Today's choice was a RO summer kimono. Which caused another problem: The ro kimono was about 10cm longer than the top kimono. It was quite a job to get them nicely, but I think I did a good job, even if the kimono was left a little long. First I hiked the layering kimono to a good lenght and then the top layer kimono. After getting the hems to more or less match (A kingdom for a full lenght mirror!), the collars and the ohashori became a problem as the kimonos where different in lenght. After a lot of sweat, I finally got them to sit nicely.

 After the fair we went to the local fabric store to get kimono making fabrics. This light blue one was chosen by my boyfriend for his kimono. It's pale sky blue with white and dark blue flower pattern. The material is linen.

This red fabric was chosen by me for my own kimono. When I saw this at the window a few weeks ago, I fell in love! I HAD to have a kimono in this fabric! Since the pattern runs in one direction only, it will be a komon kimono. The material is cotton, which would make it a yukata, but it's also thicker than normal cotton or the fabrics in my other yukatas, so I think I can pass it of as a komon.... maybe....

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