torstai 9. helmikuuta 2012

Day 4: Komon with cinnamon bread and surprise to go!

Today I wore my small komon. I love the pattern in this one. The base looks black, but in very strong lighting it's actually dark greenish. The left collar has never been my friend and it always tries to take over the juban collar.

As the kimono in itself is too small for me, I wore it hiked up with my knitted socks. Well, boots when I went out.

This musubi is the result of a fight. I tried to make a nice bunko, but after trying to turn it around (I tried to tie it in the front) it fell apart. So after trying to save it, to no help, I took it appart and did this, I think it's, tsunodashi musubi-ish knot. You can also see that the juban sleeves are too long for this kimono. I have already shorten them to fit into my (homemade) hikizuri, so it was not SO bad as it could have been.

I've owned a bread making machine, the kind that you only put the flours and all needed ingredients inside and the machine does the rest, for a long time now, but now I've really started to learn how to use it. So today I experimented on what a cinnamon bread would be like. I had seen the recipe in the booklet I had, but never actually tested it before. It was yummy! And the smell that wafted from the kitchen was like smells during christmas time! Definitely will be doing this again!

This morning I read from ImmortalGeisha how people have found stuff inside their kimono and thought that funny how my kimonos seems to only hold fabric in them. So while dressing I noticed that something was peeking from the juban collar. I thought that my collar hardener had just come loose, but further inspection showed that this was not the case. It seems that the collar had originally had a hardener inside it, but it was so soft already I didn't (and the seller) didn't notice it. It's also smaller than the new hardener I had inserted into the collar. I probably will not be using it for now, but it looks perfect for wearing with a yukata in the summer.

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  1. I also found a mesh erishin inside a juban the other day! I guess some people sew it in to save time.