lauantai 11. helmikuuta 2012

Day 6: Violets are... purple!

Well, day 5 I had to spend in normal clothes. We needed to go to a meeting about my student allowance, which turned out negative. So, right now, we are left with only 1/2 of the income we've been having. After that I didn't really feel like dressing in kimono for the rest of the day.

Day 5
This outfit I really like. Why? Because it's all purple/violet and it MATCHES TO MY GLASSES! Yay! I also wore the obi lover than I have used to, because something has inflamed my shoulder and I really could not tie it higher. The lining color is mint green.
We were going to see Ville's parents today and there's two enthusiastic dogs there so I changed into normal clothes before we left.
You can also see that I'm starting to pose in the pictures.. The otaiko image went a little up, I forgot to adjust it properly. Also the taiko looks a little smaller than the taiko I normally tie.

I had also made these earring  a while ago and wore them just to match the kimono. Yup, those jingle bells are really jingly bells and they make sound as soon as my head makes a fast movement.

I was asked in IG what kind of shoes I had been wearing with my kimono. These ankle lenght shoes are my choise when the kimono is long enough to cover my ankles. Normally I wear my boots, that also keep my legs warm and I do not have to be afraid of getting snow inside my shoes when it snows hard and the amount of snow is high.

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